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About the Library

Through inspiring local literacy, Enviro-Stories helps connect students with their local area – whether it is a farm, bushland, school, beach, exploring Indigenous culture, investigating an individual icon or promoting their community. The program supports kids writing of a storybook about that area to engage and/or educate other students.

PeeKdesigns established the Enviro-Stories program in 2009 because we are passionate about students learning about their local area and bringing their stories to life. Through the valuable support of our sponsors, Enviro-Stories has been brought to schools in regional areas from the east to the west coast of Australia.

The program has produced over 380 student written and illustrated books and well over 70,000 copies distributed to schools and communities across the regions where the program has been run. This is a massive achievement for all the teachers, parents, students, sponsors and other contributors to this innovative program.

Using the library

This library is home to the hundreds of books that have been produced through Enviro-Stories. You can navigate through the various subject categories, Enviro-Stories programs and even find books from one of our many schools. If you know the name of the book, but don’t know where it is, then pop it into the search function in the main menu or footer.

Enhancing the Reading Experience

Download PDF
Each book has the ability to be downloaded onto your computer or mobile device as a PDF document.

Flip Book
Most books have the ability to be read on the screen as a flip book.

View on iBooks
Some book are  available to download on iPads for a more interactive experience.


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