Wild Dogs in New South Wales


WARNING: Some images in this book may be distressing to some readers.

Wild dogs in the Tumbarumba region started to become a problem in the early 1970s but became an even bigger problem in the late 1990s. Wild dogs cause problems for farmers. They are also of concern for National Parks, as they can destroy and predate on fauna and sometimes even flora.

Stephen Wilson is a Biosecurity Officer for Murray Local Land Services in the Tumbarumba region. Stephen is responsible for ensuring that private property owners are doing everything they possibly can to control pest animals on their land.

“Boots” Ian Eggleton is a Pest Animal Contractor for New South Wales National Parks. Boot’s job involves baiting, shooting, and trapping wild dogs in Kosciusko National Park, Blue Mountains, and associated nature reserves as well as neighbour boundaries in the area.

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Amy Eggleton, Nikki Bowdler, Sienna Jeffress

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7, 9




Tumbarumba High School


New South Wales


Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre


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